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Announcing a greener and less expensive way to replace the airbag controllers with "crash data" written within the processor. The following is a comprehensive list of known controllers that can be rewritten and reused.

Audi, Mercedes Benz, VW, Volvo airbag sensors with CR16 and Motorola processor (Including Porsche)

VAG (VW and Audi) supported airbag sensor types:


• 4B0 959 655A

• 4B0 959 655P

• 4B0 959 655Q

• 4Z0 959 655M

• 8E0 959 655A

• 8E0 959 655B

• 8E0 959 655C

• 8E0 959 655G

• 6Q0 909 605A

• 1C0 909 605 C

• 8E0 959 655K

• 8E0 959 655J

• 8H0 959 655B

• 8P0 959 655D

• 3D0 909 601B

• 3D0 909 601D

• 3D0 909 601E

• 3D0 909 601F

• 3D0 909 601H

Mercedes Benz supported airbag sensor types:

• 0 285 001 441

• 0 285 001 544

• 0 285 001 548

• 0 285 001 813

• 0 285 001 881

• 0 285 001 443











Volvo supported airbag sensor types:

S60 • 0 285 001 456

V70 • 0 285 001 254

V70 • 0 285 001 456

V70 • 0 285 001 655

V70 • 0 285 001 656

S80 • 0 285 001 456

XC90 • 0 285 001 447




The new type airbag sensors "crash data" airbag errors are stored in CR16 processor (80QFP package) or
Motorola internal EEPROM memory.

In this example, crash data is stored in the Porsche 3D0 909 601E controller.

These are the faults and data:

3D0 909 601 E

2005 Porsche Cayenne



Engine: 3.2 Lt. V6



Parts Replaced:

a) Passenger and Driver side Airbags

b) Airbags Module

c) Belt Tensioners

Current Fault Codes: Durametric Faults: 3

1. Control Module Faulty

2. 595

3. Crash data stored

The problem is not having the correct scan tool to adapt a new controller.
Most repair facilities and Body Shops will not have the expensive scan
equipment to adapt the new controller into the system.

Why not rewrite the original and save the grief of visiting the dealer.

There are some that will say "airbag controllers must never be reused"

Generally it’s ignorance that comes along with that statement, who say’s you can’t? Controller crash data or at times considered to be the "black box" is written to the eeprom within the micro-processor whenever the controller is active and in a crash event. Non event data (no crash) is still being written when the controller is active.

Look at it this way…………

Even if you buy a new module you will have pay for the module and recoding. If we clear/reset your module, you will be able to use it in the original vehicle.

Diagnostic tools WILL NOT clear the crash data from your airbag control unit

Air bags and air bag modules are designed to only work once. We can clear the existing crash/error data so that they can be used again. They will function as new and erasing the crash data will cost you much less, than the cost of a new controller.

Your module will be sent back as if you had bought a new one and will work in exactly the same way as the original. You will not have to recode the module to the vehicle you removed it from. It will be like the accident never happened!


click here to read more  includes the VW and Audi Airbag 65535 fault code

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