Support Information
Please read this carefully.
Read and understand the Technical Support Contract.
Technical support is based on Volkswagen and Audi vehicles but on occasion ESAT Inc also include support  with the Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Continental, Spyker, SAAB, Toyota and other Asian vehicles.
In order to request technical support, call 1-866-245-7602
All technical support calls are pay-per-incident.
If support is requested AND continued on the initial call, the invoice will indicate an aditional charge.
This also includes consultations via phone or email.
The rate is $80.00

Technical support includes a one-on-one telephone call with Email and direct document transfers.
We also procide secure and direct remote computer connections.
Note: Direct computer connections with live data interpretation must be followed by ESAT Inc instructions only.
Technical support may also include remote access for diagnostics and Immobilizer. This form of technical support MUST be  prearranged in advance. That rate is $90.00 for the fist time connection.
Technical support can only be initiated with a credit card. 
Have the card number ready.
The technician or shop owner must supply the following information:
Name and Address of, credit card holder. (invoice/receipt)
Complete address of repair facility (where car is located)
Telephone number to contact the facility
Email address to send the documents
A web site address if available
An autoscan ready to by transfered or sent by email
Agostino Ferron CEO ESAT Inc.
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ESAT Inc. provides technical training and support for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche Cayenne and the Bentley Continental.