Host facility responsibilities for Euro Systems Automotive Training Inc. seminars (ESAT Inc)

These following responsibilities and conditions are an agreement with the shop owner, hosting facility and its employees.
If this agreement can be followed by its principles and intent, kindly sign and return this document to ESAT Inc.

ESAT Inc requests the host facility to supply current interior and exterior photographs. These photographs will indicate to ESAT Inc if the facility is reasonable for training purposes. This request is mandatory and if the hosting facility cannot supply the photographs, the seminar cannot take place at that facility. With permission from the shop owner, ESAT Inc would like to use the photographs on the ESAT web site and future information packages. Permissions will be asked for before any photographs are used.

The host facility requirements and appropriate arrangements.

The facility must be clean and roomy with enough area to seat at least 30 technicians comfortably.
The facility is required to supply adequate tables and chairs to seat as many as 30 technicians with their laptops.
The facility is responsible for providing an appropriate continental breakfast, lunch and beverages for the duration of the seminar.
The facility will ensure a table (equipment) for the instructor (4 to 6 feet in length)
The facility should investigate and test all electrical outlets and extension cords.
The facility needs to provide enough electrical availability for the instructor and attendees with laptops.
Ensure sufficient parking for ALL the attendees and support staff.
The facility is responsible for all shipped equipment, books, documents or property of ESAT Inc.
The host facility should make a concerted effort to help sponsor the seminar and forward the initial contact information to help to fill a class.  Make an effort to contact the local tool and parts suppliers for additional help.

The host facility and instructor arrangements.

The instructor will arrive (minimum) the day before the seminar. The facility, with the instructor will help set up the training area the evening before the class.
The facility must be open at least 1 hour before the seminar starting time.
Provide at least one staff member to be responsible for completing the attendance form, distributing certificates, manuals handouts and CD's.
The instructor will require adequate help to repack all equipment for shipping to ESAT Inc or for pickup. (Property responsibility continues)
ESAT Inc agrees: to train two (2) staff members at no cost to the facility. The offer also goes out to the shop owner.
There must be at least 20 paid Technicians for these seminars and does not include any member of your facility.
An attending Technicians list will be provided and updated weekly to include total Technician attendance.
If between 2 and 3 weeks prior to the seminar date the class attendance is deemed insufficient, the seminar will be cancelled.
However, the seminar can still be performed, if cost effective but the host facility will pay for their technicians at a substantially reduced rate.
Participation is appreciated with the facilities and help from its staff. 
It is your shop with local contacts that can increase the success this seminar.
ESAT Inc will provide the initial advertisements in your area with a follow-up.
NOTE: Any contact information provided by ESAT Inc is the exclusive property of ESAT Inc.
No contact information will be used, copied, printed or mailed (posted) or emailed to any individual or company without exclusive permission from ESAT Inc or its officers.
As a shop owner, if you feel that you can meet the above requirements and arrangements, feel free to contact me at any time.

Signature of shop owner or company officer

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Thank you and regards from:

Agostino Ferron (Augie)
162 Barlow Street
Sudbury, Ontario
Canada P3C 3K3

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The Shop Hosting Agreement
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