Oscilloscope training for VW and Audi including the Cayenne, Bentley and Lamborghini.
This hands on class will introduce the modern 4 channel to 8 channel oscilloscope as an addition to the scan tool. This will help you, the shop owner and diagnostician eliminate the revolving door of unnecessary parts replacements. Here's the key to make sure you don't have a frustrated customer and nail the correct repair the first time.

This class and learning manual gets back to basics. Any oscilloscope is welcome in this class to be compared to all lab scopes that are available for use.

The oscilloscope class will open the door to the correct procedures to properly diagnose electronic components with the advantage of measuring the mechanical integrity of the part under test.

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So how does a drive by wire throttle body maintain speed?
How about this injector. Is this the reason why the ECM is recording a misfire fault?
For what possible reason would this Volvo have a hard start problem and offer no fault codes.
What you'll learn:
> all oscilloscopes are NOT the same
> the advantage of a high speed lab scope
> how to use your or the supplied scope to acquire the correct image
> how to capture and record images for future use
> correlating the good and defective images
> knowing the difference between a good and defective waveform
> recording a waveform over time
> measure compression via scope
> record relative compression via scope
> test a CAN, "K", "L" and LIN network
> prove non defective electrical and mechanical components
> compare the speed between a lab scope and scan tool
> read the entire wave form and understand its meaning

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ESAT Inc. provides technical training and support for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche Cayenne and the Bentley Continental.