The CAN (Controller Area Networks) for VW and Audi Details
Field Expertise and Shortcuts to Diagnostics
Live Diagnostic Data Blocks
Introduction of the VW and Audi CAN with the:       
CAN twisted pair
MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) (Fiber optics)
LIN (Local Interconnect Network)
FlexRay The way of the future, and drive anything by wire.

Divided into:
CAN Drive CAN Comfort LIN master and slave modules MOST FlexRay Backbone Interconnectivity and data transfer.
Theory and development.
Descriptions and functions of all installed networks systems in the VW and Audi.
Data Block analysis. label file notes and CAN status.
Coding versions.
Long Coding.
Gateway versions.
Oscilloscope patterns and analysis.
Workshop manual.
Hands on workshop where we build a "Frankenstein Network".
Additional CD with resources for all current CAN systems and schematics.

NOTE: The Data Blocks seminar should a prerequisite for this class
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