Special Tools
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Brad Stein made up this interesting VCDS bench.
It's an all in one test bench that has a :
- Power supply
- Power bar
- Printer
- Battery
- Inverter
All added by Brad for his purposes.
And of course the all important laptop with VCDS
Another tool that will be a needed requirement for diagnosis and programming will be the AWPS-90 from Autowerks Training Inc.

This is a 90 AMP 120VAC power supply that will fit any service facility needs well into the future. The day of the Midtronics 50 AMP power supply has just ended.

Contact us for pricing and availability
This supply will come with a 20 foot AC power cord and ample battery cables. The supply has been manufactured for Autowerks Training Inc and we manipulate the rest of the internal circuitry for shop use.
We have three versions of Acer Aspire 1 laptops that have been manipulated to fit shop use and comes with Ross Tech's VCDS and some very special computer tools preloaded by Autowerks Training Inc.
Pick a colour, Red, Blue or Black and running XP Pro.
For those specialty shops, we offer the refurbished Dell Latitude D630 running XP Pro with both serial and USB ports. This version is also modified by Autowerks Training Inc, for Ross Tech's VCDS and an added ESAT Inc serial cable to work with the VW and Audi Immobilizer.
All Autowerks Laptops will have these software updates:
Remote diagnostic software or
Ultra VNC remote connection software
Port forwarding software if available
Protected Immobilizer software    << If it is a Dell Version only                  
Avast Home Anti-Virus protection
SpyBot Search & Destroy
Microsoft Word 2003 with Adobe Pro
Computer cleaning and maintenance tools
Mozilla Firefox browser
RAR with media imaging if available
Previously installed ESAT Class software and diagnostics
Ross-Tech's VCDS
For some serious but simple testing, we will suggest a decade box that will easlily simulate sensors for live testing.
As an example, a fuel level test, engine cooling, intake air cooling, oxygen heater circuit and airbag simulation. Just to name a few, this tool will help to simulate direct diagnosis that can be viewed with your scan tool while viewing live data.
Decade Box and Accessories
ESAT Inc. provides technical training and support for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche Cayenne and the Bentley Continental.
Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope DSO3064A

Built in wave forms
8 to 36V Range
FFT spectrum analysis
4 Channels and EXT trigger
Frequency Counter
Bandwidth (MHZ): 60MHz
Real Time Sample Rate: 200MS/s
Built in function generator
Memory: 10k to 16M
Specs are here

Introductory pricing is here