The VW and Audi Advanced Data Block Details
All VW and Audi controllers capable of diagnostics
Live Diagnostic Data Blocks
Field Expertise and Shortcuts to Diagnostics
Readiness Generating and Monitoring Diagnostics
Misfire Recognition Diagnostics
Throttle Valve Control Module, testing and adaptations
Charge Pressure Control (Turbocharger)
EVAP Control Diagnostic Data Blocks
O2 Sensor Diagnostic Data Blocks
CAN Bus Diagnostic Primer
Airbag (SRS) Diagnostic Data Blocks and test
VW and Audi readiness forms
Drivability test drive forms
Fault codes forms
Long Coding description
Consolidated Data Block forms
VAG functions and procedures - Label file analysis editing creations
400+ page Diagnostic manual included with Seminar
Additional CD with resources for all controllers, diagnostics and software.
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